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Patrick Lyons grew up in a house full of crime; literally.  Almost every room had a crime novel lying around, spread-eagled, face down, his mother’s way of bookmarking.  Christie in the bedroom, Rendell in the kitchen and Chandler in the lounge.  It was only a matter of time before he picked these books up himself.  
Patrick wrote his first crime story at the age of 12.  A school competition.  He got an ‘A’.  He also got a talking to about the amount of violence in the story.  It did not matter that Patrick didn’t win; he was just thrilled with how the writing process seemed to flow.  He’s been arrested by crime writing ever since.  
Writing about his experience as an Anglo-Indian growing up in Australia during the 1970s and 1980s is a good way for Patrick to explore broader concepts of exclusiveness, racism, identity, and duality.  These notions subtly pepper his work, bringing grit to his characters.  The often-hilarious cultural clashes he witnessed provide plenty of scope for humour, and an opportunity to reflect on the universal desire to belong.
Patrick lives in Melbourne with his family and a pet bearded dragon called Rex.  He is never far from a good coffee.


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